oltab, v.caus.place (large object) on raised surface (esp. near edge); place or seat (oneself) on edge of something (e.g. board, bench, etc.); hinder or delay temporarily; wait for new moon.
oltab a ultab; kedeb el delengchokl; otebengii er a tuangel; otab a telechull, otebengel.
otebengiiv.pf.3sotebengii a oltab er ngii.
otabv.pf.3p.inan.otab a oltab; medechel el telkib, otab a kloleklek er tiang, otebengii e olengull, otebengel.
oltebetabv.redup.oltebetab a mekudem el oltab; skoki a oltebetab a beluu e mochu er a San Fransisco.
otebengallv.a.s.is to be placed on raised surface.
otebengall a kirel el motab; oltab er a remeleboteb, otebengii e merolung, otebengel.
ultabv.r.s.placed on raised surface; hindered or delayed temporarily; seated (in doorway) with legs dangling outside; sitting down for a short time.
ultab a mla motab; diak el lerrekui; otebengii; dirkak lebo el merek; otab, otebengel a cheldecheduch; ultab a diak le meketeket el dengchokl; ak di ultab er a tuangel; otebengii e olengull, otab a klebngel; otebengel.
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More Examples:
> Put your things on the bench and rest yourself.
> Come sit for a while.
> Ouch! I stubbed my toe on a tree root.

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