omsibs, v.i.bore hole in; drill; pierce (ear).
omsibs a rullii a blsibs; remuul el mo metetoech, msebsii a kboub, msibs a kerrekar, bsebsel.
/misebsii a omsibs er ngii; bsebsel. a omsibs el ousbech a bsibs; bsebsel.
v.r.s.drilled; (ear) pierced.
belsibs a mla obsibs; ngar ngii a metetoech er ngii, misebsii a kerrekar, msibs, bsebsel. to be drilled; (ear) is to be pierced.
bsebsall a kirel el obsibs, lingir, msebsii a kerrekar, bsebsel a ding.
obsibsv.erg.obsibs a mla meling; lling, blsibs, msebsii a dingal; msibs a kerrekar, bsebsel a ding.
More Examples:
> Old men had their ears pierced.
> Are your ears pierced?

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