ngakl a olechotel a chad me a klalo me a beluu; Oreor a ngakl, Dilbung a ngakl, kerrekar a ngakl; ngklel.
ngkleln.poss.3sngklel a ngakl er ngii.
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> What's your name?
> Once upon a time, there was a god named Meluadeangel.
> My brother's name is John.
> Like the name of the bai at Chol: "Empty."
A bai in the northern community of Chol is (or once was) called Medederiik, meaning "deserted" or "empty." The idiom may apply to a person without possessions, a poor man.
> Like the name of the community house at Ngerekabesang: "Buttressed."
At Ngerekabesang in Koror (central Palau) there is a community house (bai) called Telkakl, which means "to buttress" or "to be buttressed." Some of the older bai in Palau were thus supported with beams from the ground to the eaves, and the implication has been added that a bai so supported must be very full of important possessions. This idiom is used of a person who is wealthy, or of one's self, meaning that one has cash on hand.
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> What is your uncle's name?
> What is his or her name?
> What is your name?
> What is your older sister's name?
> Write your names.

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