blai,; household; family; members of family; enclosure; container.
blai a teleketek e cheldool le kiei er ngii a rechad; blai a osechelel a delengchokl.
bliln.poss.3sblil a blai el ngii a oublai er ngii.
blidn.poss.1piour (inclusive) house, household, etc.
blid a blai el kid a oublai er ngii.
babelblain.(a wealthy person's) house.
babelblai a blai el ilteet; meteetel.
blil a berasexpr.sack/container for rice.
blil a cheluchexpr.any container for gasoline, cooking oil, etc..
blil a hall.
blil a ngalexpr.termites' nest.
blil a ngikelexpr.aquarium.
chad er a blaiexpr.members of the family.
See also:
> I can come to your house tomorrow.
> But the Most High God does not live in houses built by human hands.
> Wilbur's pen had a gate, so Wilbur could go outside.
> I have to straighten up the house.
> Somebody has burned the building down.
> Like the uul [Cettria cantans?] with its house open, calling for rain.
The uul may be heard to call out usually just before it rains; some say that it is calling for rain. This seems foolish, since the bird constructs its house with an opening at the top that will let rain in. A person who makes a decision or starts some action without adequate preparation is likened to the uul.
> You're like a floating log without a resting place.
You have no fixed abode.
> You're getting involved with someone too closely related.
Possibly derived from an incident in which a coconut syrup maker was incestuously involved with his wife's sister.
More Examples:
> And you, how many people are in your family?
> My house is next to the school.
> Tattoos were distinguished symbols from each family or clan.
> I have a message for my folks.
> There are 8 people in my family.
, n.
ngal a mekekerei el charm el kiei a chelsel a kerrekar el menga er ngii; ngal a mengut a blai, kboub a klang er a ngal; ngeliil el kboub.
mesako el ngalexpr.(crowd look like) swarm of termites.
See also: ,
> Like the duck of Ngechur, he became industrious after growing old.
The idiom is applied to a person who has more or less vegetated into maturity and old age and who, already far past his prime, suddenly tries without success to do all the things he might have done when younger. It may be used with reference to an elder who tries to be a dandy.

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