, pro.what; which; what kind of; anything (but or except).
ng diak a ngerangpro.nothing.
ngera meexpr.why? for what reason?
ngera ngar ngiiexpr.what's up? what's happening?
ngera uchul meexpr.why? for what reason?
> How are you related to each other?
> What's the meaning of this?/What's this for?
> Why did you come here all by yourself?
> What food does he/she like to eat?
> What is that (thing near you)?
> From the mature tree the sapling dribbles.
Eseos is a mature tree, dalm is a sapling; olengimch means to drip, drizzle, or dribble. Application is to the similarity of the child to its parents, generally its father.
More Examples:
> What do you say?
> What would you like for dessert?
> What does this mean?
> What is the color of your car? is it blue? or is it red?
> What is the job of a school principal or president?

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