diu, n.shout; yell.
diu a klou el ngor; oldiu, ngar er ngii a klou el diu, diul.
klingel, v.s.(person) dirty, unclean or unwashed.
klingel a kikiongel.
ngelekel a klingel!expr.son of a bitch!.
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, n.child; baby; anyone younger than speaker; sweetheart; fiance(e); pinkie; small finger.
ngalek a ngelekel a sechal er a delengchokl; ulechell a ngalek er a delengchokl el ngii a ulechell er ngii; mla mo chuodel e ng di ngalek er isei el delengchokl; ngar ngii a ngelsonges er a klisichel el ng ngalek. ngalek a kekerei el chad; ngelekel a demal, ngalektang, ngalekukeruu; ngalek er a skuul.
/ngelekel a ulaol
, n.child adopted by close relatives of parents.
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ngelekedchelsel, n.favorite child.
ngelekel a rengulexpr.favorite child.
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terechel, n.poss.3sdeep and infected wound.
terechel a kltkat; telemall el mla me chemolt a techel; telabd er a chimal a terechel.
ngelekel a terechelexpr.child of infected wound. Used by adults to indicate disapproval or disgust to children who behaved inappropriately.

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