ngemuu, v.i.(many people) clamor/talk at once (about something).
ngemuu a nglemuu; cherrodech; rebeluu a ngemuu er a mengubs; nglemungel.
ngengemuuv.i.redup.ngengemuu a telkib el ngemuu.
See also:
> It's like when the men of Ngesias clamored over what they had lost (after a party of raiders had attacked without warning and taken a head as a trophy).
The men of the Ngesias (Peleliu) village club were sitting near their clubhouse one evening when raiders broke through the brush, shouted wildly, and excaped with the head of one of them. When they recovered their senses, the men jumped to their spears and shouted threats into the darkness of the surrounding brush. Aroused by the commotion, the village chief appeared and ,when appraised of the situation, admonished them to be quiet since the fuss would gain nothing. "Don't cry over spilt milk."
More Examples:
> Who's making all the commotion outside?

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