ngor, n.mouth; voice; sound; bill (of bird); beak.
ngor a klekedall er a chad me a charm el mengang e melim; ngor a melekoi.
ngereln.poss.3sngerel a ngor er ngii.
ngerengerelngerengerel a mekudem el melekoi; tekingel a di a ullekeiungel.
kekere a too softly.
klou a too loud.
ngerel a bilasexpr.sound of a boat.
ngerel a charmexpr.animal sound(s).
ngerel a omeiusexpr.chant sung while paddling.
See also:
> said the duck, who was quite a gossip.
> He speaks softly (in a low voice).
> Be quiet!
> Let me interrupt you.
> Droteo's mouth is small and narrow (like that of a trigger fish).
> A variety of banana.
The people of Kayangel; a banana occurring there.
> Fierce with mouth.
An individual who, without the authority to back his words, refutes authority; a person without traditional status talking back to one with such status.
More Examples:
> I didn't mean to cuss or swear. It slipped out of my mouth.
> The leaders for our nation speak empty speeches.
> Hon, whats wrong with your lips?
> A lot of talk but no action.
> Actions speak more than words.

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