cherechar, n.the future.
cherechar a ngar medad el taem, cherechar a diak a ullebengelel; chelecha el mo cherechar.
el mo cherecharexpr.forever.
ngesechel a cherecharexpr.monument, memorial or artifact from the past.
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> You think only of Present, not of Future.
Chelechang (Present) and Chrechar (Future) were brothers. Present was the favorite of his mother. These are the words of Future reprimanding his mother. The idiom is used of those who inadequately plan for the future.
> The distant eras reveal.
"Distant eras" refers to the past as well as the future; hence, the distant past reveals the distant future. A person's behavior in the past will tell how he will behave in the future.
ngasech, n.rising; ceremony for mother and new-born child (usually; the first child).
ngasech a deurreng er a kot el cheroll er a bechiil el dil; olengasech er a mlechell; ongesechel
ngesecheln.poss.3sngesechel a ngasech er ngii; ngmasech, ngesechel a sils, ngesechel a uel er a chelechol.
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> I went to the beach at crack of dawn to watch the sun rise.

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