, pro.that animal/person far from speaker and far from listener.
ngikei a melekoi er a cheroid er a mengedecheduch me a orrenges; ngikei a Bung; ngikei a Endo.
ngkei a ngikei.
ngikelcont.ngike el
> Fish is expensive.
> Fish from Ngerechelong have/leave a very strong odor.
> This baby bird is so pitiful that I'm tying its foot to the top of the starfruit tree.
> The fish keeps poking his head out of the coral.
> I've eaten tapioca, fish and crab.
More Examples:
> Pass the bait. The fish keep eating my bait.
> Be careful descaling the fish so that you don't get hurt from its spikes.
> I feel like eating fish and breadfruit.
> We went to buy fish at the market.
> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun

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