melas, v.t.reduce in number; subtract; remove/extract (something) from.
melas a melai; mengesai; kosai, ngmas a udoud, ngosur a oluches. a melas er ngii; mla nguu a $10.00; ngesul a udoud a mla melas; ngmai a bebil; ng mla ngmas a ulechucher el udoud, ngosur; ngesul.
melselasv.t.redup.keep removing or extracting something from.
melselas a mekokil e mekudem el melas, melai; ngesul a udoud.
mengasv.erg. to be reduced in number/subtracted.
ngesuul a kirel el mengas; melas; diak lengesuul a ulechucher el udoud, ngosur, ngmai, ngesul.
nglasv.r.s.reduced in number; subtracted.
nglas a mla mengas; mla mengai a bebil; ngmas a udoud, ngosur, ngesul.
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