, n.deep blue area of the ocean outside of the reef; the part of the ocean that meets the horizon.
ngoaol a ikrel a chelmoll; tekuu a ngikel er a ngoaol, oungeuaol.
ngikel el ngoaolexpr.deep sea fish.
ngoaol a rengulexpr.confronted with and perplexed by large task or responsibility.
See also:
> Have you walked on the floor of the ocean?
> Collecting feathers
From the folktale about the origin of kite-flying in Palau: the inventor, Mesubed Dingal, while out fishing, lost his wife to kidnappers; he fashioned a kite in the shape of a frigate bird (kedam) using feathers collected from all the birds of Palau, then used this to go in search of his wife. The idiom applies to one who borrows freely.
More Examples:
> Standing on the beach looking out towards the open ocean and the horizon.

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