melam, v.t.smooth or stroke with hand; roll (clothing) off.
melam a mesumech; omet, melaiu a bedengel a chad, ngomir a chiklel, nguam, ngemil. melam a medal a mesulaul; mla er a sar el mo tutau me ng melam a medal. a melam er ngii; ngomir a bdelul el meringel. a melam; mla nguam a chimal me a ulkel a smecher; mesumech a meringel; ngomir, melaiu.
kengamv.recip.rub or stroke each other.
kengam a ketaiu; di du el melam; ngomir a chimal, nguam a bedengel; melaiu a bedengir.
/ngemoel to be smoothed or stroked.
ngemoel a kirel el mengam; omad a bedengel a smecher; ngomir a bdelul; nguam a meringel.
nglamv.r.s.smoothed; stroked.
nglam a mla mengam; nglam a meringel er a bedengel, ngomir, nguam a meringel.
melam a medalexpr.rub one's eyes or face; be sleepy.
nglam a medalexpr.face stroked (by ghost) (so that ghost can be seen).

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