melaml, v.t.cut (grass, garden, yard, etc.). a melaml er ngii. a melaml; nguaml a mesei me a sers; ngomlii, melaml, ngemlel.
kengamlv.recip.cut each other (with sickles when doing yard work).
kengaml a di du el melaml; mengiut, ngomlii, nguaml a sers, remechas a kengaml a sersir, ngemlel.
ngemullv.a.s.(grass; garden; yard; etc.) is to be cut.
ngemull a kirel el mengaml; ngomlii a mekesokes, nguaml a rael, melaml; ngemlel.
ngenglemullv.r.s.redup.not well cut.
ngenglemull a telkib el nglaml.
v.r.s.(grass, garden, yard etc.) cut.
nglaml a nglemull; mla mengaml; ngomlii a rael; nguaml, melaml, ngemlel.
nglemull a nglaml; mla mengaml.
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> Johann will mow lawns today.
> Johann will mow our lawn today.
More Examples:
> My mom wants me to help her weed her garden/farm.
> My garden has been neglected and has become badly overgrown. It needs to be cleared.

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