, n.
kind of green snake.
nguis a charm el ko er a bersoech e cheriich me a mellemau a bedengel. A nguis a charm; ng di ua a teletelel a bersoech. Ng oumellemau a bedengel e chedelekelek a chural. Ng di ua a teletelel a bersoech a lorael. Ng diak el kall.
chural a nguisexpr.snake's tongue; plant in milkweed family.
> Your friend speaks with a forked tongue.
> Like the green tree snake with a forked tongue (or simply, "Forked").
One who reverses himself, has two tongues, or whose tongue is forked like a snake.
More Examples:
> Your clothes are piled up like you're a snake shedding its skin.
> A green garden snake chased me this morning. Darn snake!

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