melubet, v.t.take off (clothes, watch, ring, etc.); remove; pull out; free; unravel (string); show (person) to be innocent; free (person) of blame or accusation; absolve (oneself) of sin.
melubet a ngubetii; chad er a llach a melubet er a ultelechakl; nguubet, ngbetel. a melubet er ngii; msa ngubet. a melubet; ngubetii er a rengul a meltemall; ngbetel.
/kangbengubet each other of blame; take off (clothes; etc) together; take off (each other's) clothes.
kangbengubet a didu el melubet; didu el meledaes; ngubetii a cheliseksikd, nguubet, ngbetel a ultelechakl. each other of blame; take off (clothes; etc) together; take off (each other's) clothes.
kengubet a di du el melubet; meledaes; kangbengubet a cheliseksikd er a deleongel, nguubet, ngubetii er a ultelechakl, ngbetel.
v.t.redup.keep taking off clothes; keep unravelling string.
melbelubet a mekekokil el melubet er ngii; ngubetii, melbelubet er ngii er a ultelechakl; ngbetel. getting free or unravelled.
mengbetang a mla mengubet; mededesang; nglubet er a ultelechakl, ngbetel.
v.a.s.(clothes; etc.) are to be taken off; is to be pulled out/freed/absolved.
ngbatel a kirel el mengubet; mekedoked a lechetel; ngubetii er a cheliseksikd; nguubet a okul; a ouak a ngbatel.
ngbetall a ngbatel; kirel el mengubet.
v.r.s.(clothes etc.) taken off; pulled out; freed; absolved.
nglubet a ngelbatel; mla mengubet; ultelechakl a nglubet er a rechorech.
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> The anchor is stuck. Back up and see if it will come out.
> Lurvey bent down and removed Wilbur's medal from his neck and hung it from a nail at the top of Wilbur's pen.

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