bechos, n.thumb; big toe.
bechos a klou e kedeb el cheldingel er a uach me a chim; bechesengel.
berober, n.narrow part of limb.
berober a bereberel a chim me a oach ; ongemuul el mei er a cheldingel.
besachel, n.ankle bone.
besachel a besechelel a uach, besechelel a ochik a meringel.
bitang, half (of split coconut; betel nut; etc.); one of a pair (e.g. one leg; one eye; etc.); neighboring house; adjoining building; next door to; across the street from any area adjacent to.
bitang a tedobech er a cherrungel; bita el lius, bita el uach, bita el buuch.
bkul a oach, n.knee.
cheldingel, n.finger; appendage (of hand, foot, etc.).
cheldingel a cheldngelel a chim me a ouach; cheldingel a eim er a bitang; cheldngelel a tuu.
, n.poss.3spalm (of hand); sole (of foot).
cherouel a becheleleu er a chim me a uach; tutk a cherouel a ochil.
klemengel, n.poss.3slegs or claws of crab; fingers or toes.
kotelkotel a ouach; meringel a kotel a ochik.
kotel a oachexpr.heel.
kuk, n.(finger, toe) nail.
kuk a kekul a chim me a ouach; menguld el olab a kekul.
, n.poss.3s(its/his/her) crook (of arm or leg).
meduuelel a medeu er ngii; meduuelel a ouach me a chim.
mellodel, v.t.extract something from (esp., spear from fish); remove (feet) from shoes.
mellodel a otobed er a kosekodel; duldelii er a butiliang; dulodel a oecherel, deldelel.
, n.foot; leg; back paws (of animal).
orisu, n.water for rinsing.
otutel, n.poss.3saiming (of spear, etc.); enforcement (of law); lighting (of fire); starting (of job); hooking.
otutel a otaut er ngii, oltaut a llach, otutel a llach a ngerchelel a buai.
rsel, n.poss.3send.
rsel a ullebongel er ngii; rsel a bambuu; rsel a dui.
, n.measure equal to width of person's foot.
tedbard a olkael; ta el chereuel a ouach a tedbard.
ta el oach me a foot length plus the width of the other foot.
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ultil, n.poss.3simprint; track.
ultil a llechul; urrolel; betok a ultil a ouach er a chelechol.

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