obak, n.title used by high chief of Peliliu as well as the title of chiefs in a few other villages.
Obak a kebekuul; dui er a bebil ra beluu.
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omak, v.t.anchor, tie up; make (relationship between people) closer, (plant) send out (roots) into soil.
omak a loia okul; orebetii a ouak, mekur a bilis; omak a ert.
mekurv.pf.3smekur a omak er ngii; mak; mla mekur a bilis, bilas; okul.
makv.pf.3p.inan.mak a omak; orebetii a oak me ng diak lorael, mak a mlai me a bilas, mekur a mlai, loia a okul.
obakv.erg.obak a ulak, llechotel. i.e obak a deleuill.
v.a.s.is to be anchored.
okuul a kirel el mouak; loia ouak erngii; ert a okuul, mekur, mak, okul.
ulak a urrebet a okul; diak lorael; bilas a ulak me ng diak lobechakl; llechotel; okul.
omak er a rengulexpr.(person) takes the edge off (his/her) hunger.
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> Masaharu is arranging for Droteo and Toki's marriage.
> It's as if I live somewhere so far away that I don't know what's going on.
> It's as if I've submerged my head into Mekaeb (the channel between Peleliu and Agaur).
A term to describe a dish that is really salty.
More Examples:
> My attached (not blood) sister cares for me more than my real sisters because she always helps with all of my cultural obligations.

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