, v.pf.3scarry; hold; take.
obang a beldoel er ngii; oba oles.
olab a ngar er ngii; merau a olab a udoud; obang.
oba a klaloexpr.have big genitals; have an attractive body.
oba a rengulexpr.independent; self-willed.
oba a uriul expr.pole boat at stern.
> I'm combing my hair with a comb.
> Then in my anger I will turn on you.
> I'm wiping my hands with a towel.
> You have the right to discipline my child.
> Droteo was writing a letter with a pencil.
> You're a flying kite, but i hold the guide string.
No matter how much you play around, you always come back to me.
> It's like the emerging of the earthworm.
Once an earthworm comes out of the ground, so the saying suggests, it can never return. An irreversible decision or action.
> use Ngeaur methods in cultivating taro patch
In Palauan legend, such a method was used by Iluochel and considered sloppy).
> To take a handbag and return.
Applied to a person who "never gets anywhere," a low achiever.
More Examples:
> I lost the turtle that takes four people to subdue.
> You're wiping your hands with a towel.
> Who has the baseball?
> Lady at work is retiring. We are taking her out for lunch.
> What am I wiping my hands with?

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