obes, v.t.forget.
obes a bles; diak el latk; ak mla obes er a tik, bes, besbes.
blesv.r.s.in a state of having forgotten something/having put something out of one's mind.
bles a mla obes; urriid er a omelatk, bles er a urreor, klou el bes.
obesbesv.redup.keep forgetting.
obesbes a bles; mla remiid er a uldasu, obesbes a tekoi, besbes.
obesbesongv.t.inch.redup.is beginning to forget.
obesbesong a mla obesbes; mla remiid er a bdelul; diak el latk.
obesongv.t.inch.is about to forget (completely).
obesong a mla obes; urriid er a uldasu.
ousubesv.t.forgive; overlook.
ousubes a melasem el obes, mo diak el kesib a rengul; ak mla ousubes er a kngtil.
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> I really don't need to worry about cleaning my house because Droteo does it so well.
> You will soon neglect what you already know.
> The child is able to be seen because he is wearing a yellow shirt.
> Have you forgotten that Droteo is coming tomorrow?
> The child may be watched/babysat because he behaved well last time.
More Examples:
> He was running late this morning and left without his lunch.

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