omutek, v.t.shut (mouth, eyes, fist, etc.); close (bag, basket, legs, etc.).
omutek a mutek; blutek; diak le blok; mutek a medal, mtekii a ngerel, btekel. a omutek er ngii; mo diak le blok; btekel a ngor. a omutek; mo diak le blok; mutek a medal, mtekii a ngerel.
Butek a medam.v.imp.Close your eyes. to be shut or closed.
blutekv.r.s.shut; closed.
blutek a mla obutek; ulsiu, mutek, mtekii, blutek a medal, btekel.
kebutekv.recip.(everyone) close (eyes, etc.) together.
kebutek a didu el omutek; kebutek a ngerir; diak loutulechoid, mtekii a ngerel, diak le blok; mutek, btekel a ngon
obutekv.erg.get shut or closed; narrow; constricted; (eyes) slit.
obutek a kekerei el teleu; obutek el tuangel, obutek el rael.
v.t.redup.keep blinking (eyes).
ometebutek a telkib e mekudem el omutek; ometebutek a medal, mtekii, mtebutek a ngerir.
omtetebutekomtetebutek a omtebuket.
se el lobutek a medakexpr.when I pass away.
> When my eyes are closed.
When one dies the eyes are "closed"; hence, to be dead. The term for "death" is mad as is the term for "eye," (mad; madak: "my eye"). Some sources suggest that the term for death refers to the closed eyes of a dead person.

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