ochad, n.sibling of opposite sex; any relation of opposite sex.
ochad a sechal me a redil el kauchad; ngalektang a ochedal.
ochedaln.poss.3sopposite sex sibling.
ochedal a ochad er ngii. ochedecheraol ochedecheraol a okedecheraol; kirel el mo dechor; skuul a ochedecheraol.
ruchadn.pl.siblings of opposite sex; related persons of opposite sex.
ruchad a ochad, sechal me a redil el ngalektang; ruchad a kauchad.
ngelekir a ruchadexpr.first cousins through siblings of opposite sex (i.e.; children of brother and sister).
ochedal a demalexpr.aunt (=father's sister).
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> Droteo is carrying out an obligation to his sister.
> My brother's name is John.
More Examples:
> My sister got married.
> What's your opposite sex sibling's name?
> How old is your opposite sex sibling?
> We went to pick up my brother that flew in from the states.
> It was Ngiradaob, Dirasils's brother, who received the keldait that was put in for the marriage.

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