olekeed, v.caus.bring near; move (onself) close to.
okediiv.pf.3sokedii a olekeed er ngii; nguu el mo kmeed.
okeedv.pf.3p.inan.okeed a olekeed; ngmai el me kmeed; okedii, okeed a kelel a mechitechut; okedel.
ulekeedv.pf.3p.inan.pastulekeed a mla mokeed; mla mo kmeed; mlil a omerael a ulekeed er a blai.
mokeedv.erg.mokeed a ulekeed; olekeed; mo kmeed; okedii a mlai; okeed a kall; okedel.
v.a.s.is to be brought near.
okedall a kirel el mokeed; olekeed; okedii a ocheraol, okeed, okedel.
okeodel a kirel el mokeed; okedall a ocheraol; mo kmeed; okedii, okeed a kall, okedel.
olekedangv.inch.olekedang a kmedang; merael me kmeed, omerael a olekeed.
olekekeedv.redup.olekekeed a mengedmokl el kirel a mechesang; olekeed a kall er a ocheraol.
tulkekeedv.s.redup.too close to each other; always near each other.
ulekekeedv.r.s.redup.ulekekeed a mla mokekeed el rokui; mla mekedmokl; kall er a mechesang a ulekekeed
ulkeedv.r.s.brought near.
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> Droteo really likes to be around girls.
> I've been around for a long time./I've had a lot of experience.
> It's too far.
> Droteo really likes to be around the girls.
> You took too long./I've been waiting so long.
More Examples:
> Dachelbai brought himself close to Ulang, what kind of schemes are they planning now?

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