omekang, v.t.feed; make (someone) eat.
omekang a mesterir a kall; medinges a omeka a rechad, omeka a ketat, okelel. a omekang er ngii; msa kelel.
okallv.a.s.okall a kirel el mokang; okelall; mekelii; mekang, okall a ngalek, okelel; msa kelel. to be fed or made to eat.
okelall a okall.
ulekangv.r.s.fed; made to eat.
ulekang a mla mokang; mla omengur; smecher a ulekang; mekelii, omekang er tir; okelel.
See also:
> The meat is to be roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and with bread made without yeast.
> You're getting bigger every day.
> In the past 6 months have rats eaten your plants?
More Examples:
> The pigs need to be fed.

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