omekesiu,; copy; imitate; make (things) the same; even out; mix through.
omekesiu a odak e omes a osisiu; omekesiu er a ngalek er a demal, mekesiur, mekesiu, okesiul. a omekesiu er ngii. a omekesiu; remuul a di ua ingii; mekesiu a tet, mekesiur, okesiul.
ulekesiuln.poss.3sulekesiul a ulekesiu er ngii; okesiul.
mokesiuv.erg.mokesiu a ulekesiu; omekesiu er a babier; mekesiu a llechukl el mo ua ingii; mekesiur a bail; okesiul. to be compared, copied, imitated, made the same, evened out, or mixed through; is to be matched (by other half or part).
okesiaol a kirel el mokesiu; mekesiur, mekesiu, okesiul; mo osisiu. to be copied or imitated or made the same.
omekekesiuv.caus.redup.roughly copy.
omekekesiu a telkib el omekesiu.
ulekesiuv.r.s.copied; imitated; made the same.
ulekesiu a meruul el mo ua ngii; mla mokesiu; mekesiur a bilel er a bilek; omekesiu a llecheklel a sensei; okesiul.
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> (lit., The coconut is to be matched.) A similar incident/accident is likely to happen soon.

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