oeak, v.t.go by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by.
oeak a merael er ngii; okiu ngii; oeak a ked, ouked.
okiuv.pf.3sgo by way of; walk or go through; pass or go by; with; according to.
okiu a merael; ng okiu rael; ng okiu a telechetech.
v.i.walk in front of (someone); precede; go early.
okiuechei a merael er a uchei; medal a omerael.
okiuellelv.i.walk right in back of (someone).
okiuellel merael er a ullel, uriul; okiuriul.
okiumedalv.i.walk right in front of (someone).
okiuriulv.i.walk in back of (someone); follow; go later.
okiuriul a okiuellel; uriul. oklukl; oklukl a klukl, kleklel.
el okiu a cheldecheduch expr.according to the story.
el okiu a ngeso expr.with the help of.
> In your constant love and goodness, remember me.
More Examples:
> This property went to Ngerkumer's kids through verbal agreement.
> Bent was able to go abroad for medical help.

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