olekngemed, v.caus.catch a large amount of (fish); consume; deplete; use up.
olekngemed a okngemed; remuul mo diak; okngemedii a ngikel; ngemedel.
okngemediiv.pf.3sokngemedii a mla ngmai el mo diak; okngemed a udoud; mo bachachau.
okngemediiv.pf.3sokngemedii a olekngemed er a ngikel, ngmai a betok el ngikel; ngomedii, nguemed, ngemedel.
okngemedv.pf.3p.inan.okngemed a olekngemed; remuul el mo diak; diall er a ngodech el beluu a mla okngemed a ngkelel Belau; okngemedel.
okngemedallv.a.s.is to be consumed or used up.
okngemedall a kirel el mokngemed; kirel mo diak; nguemed, usbechel a mekngit el kar a okngemedall.
olekngemodelv.s.easily or quickly consumed.
olekngemodel a kosebokel; mereched el nguemed; beras a olekngemodel el ongraol.
ulekngemedv.r.s.consumed; used up.
ulekngemed a mla mokngemed; mla mo diak; mla nguemed, okngemedii, okngemed; chei era Belau a ulekngemed a ngikel er ngii, okngemedel.
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