omekoad, v.t.kill; extinguish; put out.
omekoad a ngmai klengar; okngemed a telil a chad, mekoad a reng, mekodir a babii; okodil. a omekoad er ngii. a omekoad er ngii. a omekoad; te mla mekoad a babii, mekodir.
mokoadv.erg. to be killed.
okodall a kirel el mokoad; mad; babii a okodall; ngmai a telil; mekodir, mekoad, okodil.
ulekoadv.s.dead; extinguished; paralyzed; (ocean) barren.
ulekoad a mla mad; chad a ulekoad; mla mo diak a telil; kodellel.
ulekoad a uleldechelakl; okoad.
omekoad a tekoiexpr.bribe to silence; stop someone from talking about a particular topic; do things to the letter.
omekoad er a rromexpr.get (someone) drunk.
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> Droteo believes that the teacher killed the old woman.
> I told John to kill Toki.
> Quit pity crying (about someone) or you'll kill that person. (There is a superstition that pity crying about someone can result in their death).
> I will hand them over to their enemies, who want to kill them.
> The Benjaminites had already killed the thirty Israelites.
More Examples:
> The body will be at the morque.
> How many pigs are to be killed for this funeral?
> Turn off the kerosene stove.

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