olbidel, n.lantern; any source of light in house (including electricity).
olbidel a klekedall el omekard; omekllomes; olbdelel.
olbdeleln.poss.3solbdelel a olbidel er ngii.
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> The fuel for the lantern has gotten depleted.
techerakl, n.hook for picking up fish, turtle etc.; place for hanging.
techerakl a klekedall el melecherakl; techereklel a bail.
techerekleln.poss.3stechereklel a techerakl er ngii; omelecherakl er ngii.
techerakl er a uelexpr.hook for catching turtles.
techereklel a bailexpr.clotheshanger or clotheshook; pole for hanging clothes.
techereklel a olbidelexpr.hook for hanging lamp.
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