olekerd, v.caus.let off; let out; unload; drop off (person).
olekerd a oltengel; skoki a olekerd a rechad; okerdii, okerd, okerdel.
okerdiiv.pf.3sokerdii a olekerd er ngii; otengelii er a skoki.
okerdv.pf.3p.inan.okerd a olekerd; otengel er eou a mlai me a bilas, okerd a telechull, okerdii, okerdel.
ulekerdv.pf.3p.inan.pastulekerd a mla mokerd; rechad a ulekerd er a skoki; te mla kmerd; okerd a klalo; okerdel.
v.a.s.is to be unloaded.
okerdall a okerodel.
olekerkerdv.caus.redup.olekerkerd a mekudem el olekerd.
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> Can you let me off here?
More Examples:
> My mom went for a check up this morning. I went to drop her off.

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