melemedemek, v.t.soften; weaken; tenderize (meat); calm (anger).
melemedemek a meruul el mo medemedemek; domedemekii a ongraol, domedemek a reng, demedemekel. a melemedemek er ngii; rullii el mo medemedemek. a melemedemek; remuul el mo medemedemek, domedemekii, demedemekel.
delemedemekv.r.s.softened; weakened; tenderized; calmed.
delemedemek a rruul el medemedemek; mechitechut; diak el medecherecher; domedemekii a kall, delemedemekel. to be softened, weakened, tenderized or calmed.
demedemakall a ruoll el mo medemedemek; ngeliokl el brak a demedemekall, domedemekii, domedemek, demedemekel.
olemedemekn.instr.anything used for softening or tenderizing; palliative.
olemedemek a melemedemek; ralm a olemedemek er a kall; domedemekii, domedemek, demedemekel.
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> You pound it until it's soft; how soft depends on the pounding.

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