olengeasek, v.t.control/reduce/limit (particular action or behavior); slow down/limit (conversation).
olengeasek a mesebech; meruul el mo kosai; ongeasek a omelekoi, ongesekii a chitel udoud, ongesekel. Chodereder a urebetellel a belkul a klalou ma tekoi.
ongesekiiv.pf.3songesekii a olengeasek er ngii.
ongeasekv.pf.3p.inan.ongeasek a olengeasek; suebech a ildois, ongeasek a tekoi, ongesekii a kall, ongesekel.
ulengeasekv.pf.3p.inan.pastulengeasek a ungil el blechobech; ngar a kot el mo tuo er a uriul
kaungeasekv.recip.tell each other to control behavior.
kaungeasek a di du el olengeasek; mesebech, mengkekerei, ongesekii a chitel a udoud, ongeasek a ocheraol.
mongeasekv.erg.mongeasek a ulengeasek; ungil el blechobech, mla mongeasek a kall er a bai; ongesekel.
olengengeasekolengengeasek a mekudem el olengeasek
v.a.s.is to be controlled, reduced, limited.
ongesekall a kirel el mongeasek; mo ungil a ildisel e ungil el blechobech; ongesekii a blengur, ongeasek a blechebechel, ongesekel a siotai.
v.r.s.controlled, reduced, or limited particular action or behavior; slowed down or did limit conversation.
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> My doctor said to cut down on my salt intake.

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