olengibes, v.t.tempt; tease; seduce.
olengibes a ongibes; remuul el mo sorir; nguibes er a ekebil; ungil kall a olengibes; ongbesii.
ongbesiiv.pf.3songbesii a olengibes er ngii; rullii el kmal mo soal.
ongibesv.pf.3p.inan.ongibes a olengibes; klou a ongibes er a udoud; ongbesel a klengebard er tia el telecheroll, nguibes
ulengibesv.pf.3p.inan.pastulengibes a mla mongibes; ongbesii er a udoud a mla oterur a chetemel; ngbesel er a omerael.
kaiuengibesv.recip.tease each other.
kaiuengibes a kaiuenganged; di du el olengibes; kaiuengibes a udoud.
mongibesv.erg.mongibes a ulengibes; kid a mla mongibes er a kelir a Rengebard; te mla ongbesid.
ongbesallv.a.s.is to be tempted, teased or seduced.
ongbesall a kirel el mongibes; rebis a ongbesall er a klebokel el ngloik, mo sorir; nguibes er a ungil el dil, ongbesel.
ulngibesv.r.s.tempted; teased; seduced.
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