omades, v.t.arrange; line up; display.
omades a omechobech, mades a blai, omades er a rengalek; bedesel a terekill el kall. a omades; omechobech, mla mades a kingall, medesii, bedesel a kingall.
/bedukl to be arranged/lined up/displayed.
bedesall a kirel el obades; bedukl; omechobech; omades er a rengalek, mades, bedesel.
v.r.s.arranged; lined up; displayed.
bldukl a blades.
obadesv.erg.obades a obechobech; ngloik a mla obades; mla obades a klobak.
omdebadesv.t.redup.arrange/set forth cautiously/deliberately.
omdebades a ouderta el omechobech; mades, omades er ngii, medesii, bedesel.
omades er a uldarsexpr.set out food in ceremonial arrangement.
omdebades a tekoiexpr.weigh one's words carefully.
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