omakes, v.t.move (legs) to walk.
blekekleln.poss.3shis/her pace; gait.
blekeklel a bakes; omakes; bekesel.
bekesallv.a.s.(leg) is to be moved to walk.
bekesall a sebechel el obakes el imuu er ngii, makes, mekesii, bekesel.
blakesv.r.s.(leg) moved to walk.
blakes a mla obakes; mekesii, blakes a cheroid, blekeklel
omakesv.i.walk; take a step.
omakes a merael omekebakes, blekeklel a ouach, bakes, bekesel.
omekebakesv.i.redup.walk; take steps (esp., when child just begins to walk).
omekebakes a omakes; betok el bakes, ngalek a omekebakes, mekesii, makes a ochil; bekesel.
omekekebakesomekekebakes a omekebakes.
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