omecheoch, v.t.ask for (things) persistently.
omecheoch a mesisiich el olengit; mecheoch a udoud er a demal, mechechii a klok, ochechel a chutem a omecheoch er ngii; meringel el melai er ngii; mechechii a klok, mecheoch a udoud, ochechel. a omecheoch; mecheoch a kelel a sechelil; ngmai, melai el mesisiich; mechechii, ochechel.
mocheochv.erg. to be asked for persistently.
ulecheochv.r.s.asked for persistently.
ulecheoch a mla mocheoch; mla mesisiich el ongtir; mla mechechii a klok er ngak; ochechel a klok.
ulemecheochv.t.past.ulemecheoch a mla omecheoch; mechechii a klok; mecheoch a udoud er a demal; oba orimel e melai; milechechii; ulechechel.
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