omechobech, v.t.put (persons, things) into straight line or row; organize or arrange in proper order or sequence.
omechobech a omades. a omechobech er ngii; omades; bechebechel. a omechobech; omades, mla mechobech a kall, mechebechii, bechebechel. to be put into straight line or row.
bechebechall a kirel el obechobech, omades er a rengalek, mechobech, mechebechii a ngloik, bechebechel.
blechobechv.r.s.put into straight line or row.
blechobech a mla obechobech beldukl, mechebechii, mechobech, blechebechel a klobak.
ombebechobechombebechobech a mekekokil el omechobech.
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