omed, v.t.catch; grab; pick up; borrow (money).
omed a meleng; omed a udoud, bedeel a udoud er a bangk. a omed er ngii, mla medir a bduu, bedil. a omed; beldoel, bled, medir a udoud, bedeel; medir a bduu.
v.a.s.(ball, etc.) is to be caught; is to be grabbed.
bedoel a kirel el obed; bduu a bedoel. medir a bduu, med, omed, bedeel a bduu.
v.a.s. (money) is to be borrowed.
bedoel a lengiil, meleng; bangk a bedoel a udoud er ngii; medir, med a udoud, bedeel
bekebedv.s.skilled at catching (ball, etc.).
v.r.s.having something in the hand.
bldoel a olab, bldoel a udoud.
bledv.r.s.(ball; etc.) caught; grabbed; (money) borrowed.
bled a mla obed; medir a bduu, bedeel
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> What is in your hand? It is a cigarette, not gun.

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