omekall, (car); drive (canoe) with raised sails; (shark, etc.) swim near surface of water with fin showing.
omekall a orrael er a mlai; mekellii a a mlai er a ked, mekall a ert, bekellel a rrat. a omekall er ngii el mlai. a orrael a mlai; omekall a bilas; rebuik a kebekall a mlirir el merael, mekellii a mlil, bekellel.
blekallv.r.s.driven; sailed; (person) driven by desire to wander or spend time away from home.
blekall a mla obekall; mekellii a mlai, rengeasek a blekall er a ungil klebesei.
kebekallv.recip.go sailing together (each in his own canoe).
kebekall a didu el omekall el merael; mekellii a mlai, mekall a mlai er a klaldesachel, bekellel
mengelkallv.i.(something) continuously making noise. driven; be chased.
ombebekallv.redup.sail or drive around aimlessly.
ombebekall a mekudem el omekall; ombebekall a delul a chelebacheb. starting to drive.
omekellang a mocha omekall. about to drive.
omekellung a mochu omekall.
omekall a chat el bilasexpr.steamship/boat that gives off smoke.
See also:
> They chased him so he was driven into the jungle.
> My friend has a propensity to go around looking for girls.
More Examples:
> My friend's wife can't drive now.
> Do you know how to drive a car?
> I really don't know how to drive these Japanese cars.

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