omekrael,; advise; lead.
omekrael a orrael; olecholt er a rael; mekrael a bilas, mekrolii a mengebelung, ukrolel a uau. a omekrael er ngii; ochotii a rael; olrrael er ngii. a omekrael; orael, mekrolii, mekrael a oliochel; ukrolel. or advise each other.
omekikraelv.caus.redup.omekikrael a omekrael. to be guided, advised or led.
ulekraelv.r.s.guided; advised; led.
ulekrael a mla mukrael; ngar er ngii a rolel; mlai a ulekrael el mo tuobed.
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> The blind leading the blind.
> Droteo is guiding his child towards a good way of life.
> A blind man leading another blind man.
The application is identical to that of the familiar English idiom

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