omelim, n.act.(action of) drinking
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> Droteo has gotten obsessed with drinking.
> Drinking is rampant here./People are drinking up a storm (at this party).
smecher, v.s., [From G?] Schmerz] sick; ill; dead (euphemistic).
smecher a ngar ngii a rakd; smecher er a tereter; secherel.
bekesechesecherv.s.redup.get sick a lot; prone to getting sick.
bekesechesecher a mechitechut a bedengel el chad, mekudem a secherel.
sesmecherv.s.redup.rather sick; pregnant (euphemistic).
sesmecher a diak le mesisiich a bedengel; sesmecher el ngalek; telkib el smecher. getting sick.
socherang a mocha smecher; socherang er a cheroll; omechell. about to be sick.
smecher a rengulexpr.homesick.
smecher er a builexpr.(woman) menstruate or have her period.
sochera er a omelim el rromexpr.becoming an alcoholic.
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> The hospital patients are the people who are sick.
> Her child got sick in Japan.
> I was sick, so I didn't go to school.
> all the other sick people on the island
> I'm kind of sick.
More Examples:
> He or she has pink eye.
> My folks have passed on.
> What 's wrong with you?
> My mother in law is a bit under the weather.
> Good morning. Are you sick?

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