omengang, n.act.action of eating.
See also:
> Eating like laib-while eating, burying.
The laib, a bird with a long, white tail, according to lore eats ripe fruit in season, as other birds do, but also gathers scraps dropped by other birds and buries them. When other birds are hungry, the laib will dig up the scraps and eat them. Hence, one should plan ahead for lean times.
More Examples:
> I'm craving to eat some sweet potato and soup.
omeu, v.t.break or crack; hatch.
omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel. a omeu er ngii; bengel a lius. a omeu; ngalek a mla meu a ngais e mengii a belatong; obeu, bengel
/beongel to be broken or cracked.
bengall a kirel el obeu; beongel, mengii, meu a lius, omeu a lius, bengel.
beongel a bengall.
bleuv.r.s.broken; cracked.
bleu a mla obeu; mecherad, mengii, a blatong bleu; bengel.
v.erg.recip.redup.get broken all at once.
kabebeu a didu el obeu; kaisiuekl me te obeu; kakerous el omeu a lius; meu, kabebeu a butiliang; mengii, bengel.
kaibebeu a kabebeu.
kebeuv.recip.(hit each other and) break.
kebeu a kabebeu.
obebeuv.erg.redup.easily broken; brittle.
obebeu a di beot el obeu, merukem, obebeu el belatong, mengii, meu, bengel.
obeuv.erg.obeu a mecherad; mengii, meu, mla obeu a butiliang; bengel
omengangv.inch.(egg, chicken) begin to hatch.
omeuv.i.(egg, chicken) hatch.
omeu a omuu, mengii a ngais, meu a belatong, omeu a lius, bengel.
See also:
> He cracked his head.
> Destroying his money.
Marriage within the clan, generally considered incestuous, limits the value of the food-money exchange, since the materials simply change hands within the same clan group. A man so married is criticized as having destroyed his source of wealth.
More Examples:
> I fell on the stone path and cracked my head.
> I'm craving to eat some sweet potato and soup.
> They were pushing each other and he slipped and split his head.
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.

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