omerael, n.travelling; trip; journey; process; group of travellers; parade; procession.
omerael a merael; omerael el mo er a buil, omerollel el mo er a Merikel.
omeroleln.poss.3somerolel a omerael er ngii; merael.
oba a medal a omeraelexpr.take lead or be at the head of the group.
obengkel a up-to-date or in step with the times.
> Droteo comes here every few days.
> My trip to Japan was great.
> The tank is getting filled.
> The school is getting (more and more) crowded.
> I'm in the process of getting better from my cold.
More Examples:
> These uncooked baskets of taro had to be carried by the young men to the boat at the channel to go on the trip.
> My kid went on a trip to Mexico.
> My friend and his family are going on a trip.

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