, n.leader; ruler; chief; person in charge.
merreder a kebekuul; oungerachel; menguteling a beluu; oba klemat er a urreor; bdelul a cheldebechel a merreder.
omerrederA omerreder a uldimukl er ngii a eru el tekoi. Ng ngar er ngii a klisiich me a ngerachel. A klisiich el tekoi a betok a belkul e ng di belkul el debo dousbech er ngii er tia el hong a llemalt.
merredel er a Merikelexpr.president of the U.S.
merredel er a blaiexpr.head of household.
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> The leader carries the responsibility for community affairs.
> A good leader, like rain, stills the ocean.
Rain falling during an ocean squall often seems to wipe away the winds and still the ocean. A good leader should be able to dispel the problems facing his people. He can calm down disputes and settle problems easily.
> The leader is our cave.
A good leader is a protective leader. The cave concept probably derived from a secret place called the village "egg-nest" where women, children, and elders would be hidden during a raid. May be applied to other situations: a good plan in battle; an indispensable custom.
More Examples:
> Who's Alex's boss again?
> A principal or president is the head of the school.
> We respected the teachers and the school principal.

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