mesuub,; learn; imitate; copy.
mesuub a melasem el mo meduch; suebii a chelitakl; suub a tekoi er a belual, subel.
/suuebii a mesuub er ngii; ticherii.
suuebii a melasem; mesuub er ngii. a mesuub; nguelem, ngalek a ungil el suub a tekoi a luleka el medinges; suebel a tekoi.
dosuubv.imp.3piLet's study together!.
v.recip.redup.imitate each other.
kasusuub a didu el mesuub; keasem; melasem, mesuub er ngii, suebii, suub a ngloik, subel.
kesuub a didu el mesuub; suub a ngloik, suebii a chelitakl. beginning to study.
mesubang a mocha mesuub; te mesubang me ng dikea cherrodech.
mesusuubv.erg.redup.easy to study/learn.
mesusuub a melemolem e mekekokil el mesuub.
seluubv.r.s.studied; learned; imitated.
seluub a mla mesuub; suub a chelitakl; suebii a ngloik; suebel
suobel to be studied, learned or imitated.
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> I'm also studying German.
> I began to study before I had dinner.
> What are they studying?
> Droteo learned how to make canoes from his father.
> Droteo has just begun to study.
More Examples:
> Is it hard to learn the Palauan Language?
> What subjects are you studying at
> What's your favorite subject?
> Did you get an opportunity to study for the test tomorrow?
> No, so I really have to study tonight.
omesuub, n.act.(action of) learning; studying
See also:
> Studying English is to my benefit.
> Studying math isn't something Droteo is suited for.
More Examples:
> My favorite subject is the study of the Palauan language.
> I'm studying math, Palauan, and Science.

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