omais, v.t.wander; walk around; go back and forth; travel frequently.
omais a blechoel el merael; meses el omais a obliil, bais, bisel.
kebaisv.recip.kebais a didu el omais; meses el merael; sekebais, misii a beluu e diak el ourreor, bisel.
omibaisv.i.redup.keep wandering from place to place.
omibais a merorael; omais el mo e mei; diak lorreched el merael, misii a chelechol.
sekebaisv.s.prone to wandering/walking around.
sekebais a mekudem el omais; meses el merael a beluu.
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> He just walks around naked so we can all see all of his parts.

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