omkobk, v.t.peel (banana, etc.); peel off (bark, skin after sunburn, etc.).
omkobk a ngmai a budel; mkebkii a billum, mkobk a tuu, bkebkel. a omkobk er ngii; nguu a budel; bkebkel. a omkobk; melai a budel.
/bkebkall to be peeled (off).
bkebukel a obibkobk; beot el mengai a budel, obibkobk, mkebkii, tuu a bkebukel el kall.
bkebkall a kirel el obkobk, mengai a budel, mkebkii, omkobk a diokang, bkebkel
blkobkv.r.s.peeled (off).
blkobk a nglai a budel; mla obkobk; mkebkii, mkobk a tuu, bkebkel.
obibkobkv.erg.redup.(eggshell, paint, etc.) peel off easily.
obkobkv.erg.obkobk a mengai a budel; mkebkii a diokang; mkobk a tuu, bkebkel a tuu.
obkobkangv.erg.inch.obkobkang a mla obkobk.
obkobkungv.erg.pred.obkobkung a kmeed el obkobk.
omkobkv.i. have peeling skin (from sunburn).

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