omoachel, n.river; stream.
omoachel a diosech; diong, omoachel er a Ngerdorech; omochelel.
omocheleln.poss.3somochelel a omoachel er ngii.
uche er a omoachelexpr.upstream.
uriul er a omoachelexpr.downstream.
> The river was shallow in a few weeks.
> The fish in the river died on their own.
> The water will be low in the Nile.
> Do you intend to disappoint me like a stream that goes dry in the summer?
> The fish in the river died by the fisherman.
More Examples:
> We are going swimming at the river.
> I had many footsteps at the river.
> I saw a duckling at the river.
> There is a strong current at the river.

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