omodes, v.t.boil fish in water; (ocean) agitated with whitecaps; cut (tongue) when eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.
omodes a omeldakl, modes a ngikel, medesii a malk; beches el klengoes; bedesel a ngikel; omodes a rullii el mo kltkat e meringel; ongor a modes a ngor obodes a meringel daob. a omodes; omeldakl er a malk. a omodes; omeldakl; melengoes a beches el klengoes; medesii a ngikel; bedesel a malk.
bedesallv.a.s.(fish) is to be boiled in water; (tongue) is to be cut.
bedesall a mereched el mo marek, modes a ngikel, bedakl el diokang.
blodesv.r.s.(fish) boiled in water; (tongue) cut from eating pineapple, sugar cane, etc.
blodes a beldakl; medesii, modes, omeldakl, omodes, bedesel; blodes a terechel er a ngor; kltkat, blodes a ngerel er a ongor, bedesel.
obodesv.erg.obodes a omeldakl; omodes, medesii a malk, modes a ngikel, bedesel a odoim el obengkel a titimel; obodes a blodes; meketkat, blodes a ngerel er a ongor, bedesel a ngor
omedebodesv.i.redup.(sea) agitated all over.
omedebodes a outeriobs, omodes, daob a omedebodes; meringel el daob; bedesel a daob
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