omoes, v.t.shoot at.
omoes a oba boes el mengetkat; mosii a babii, moes a belochel; bosel a malk. a omoes er ngii; moes a bilis. a omoes; mla moes a betok el belochel; mosii a olik; bosel.
/bosall to be shot.
beakl a kirel el oboes; malk a beakl, mosii a babii, moes.
bosall a kirel el oboes, mosii a cheluch, omoes el meleakl a ralm er a disech, oltobed a ralm.
bloes a bleakl; mla oboes, mosii, belochel a bloes, omoes, bosel.
bleakl a bloes; mla oboes, moes a ngikel, mosii a babii.
bosallv.a.s.bosall a beakl; kirel el oboes, mosii, moes, malk a bosall, omoes er ngii, bosel.
kabeboesv.recip.redup.shoot indiscriminately at each other.
kabeboes a didu el omoes, resoldau a kabeboes, mosii, moes, bosel.
keboesv.recip.shoot at each other.
keboes a kabeboes; di du el omoes, keboes a malkureomel; bosel a malk.
oboesv.erg.oboes a bloes; bleakl, mosii, moes; bosel a babii.
omeboesv.t.redup.shoot indiscriminately at.
omeboes a ousesekool, mesesilil el omoes.
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> The soldiers took rifles and shot the women and children all at once.
> Where's place you're shot.
More Examples:
> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun
> I'm going to hunt for pigeons.
> Did you hunting in the hills this morning?

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